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The ”Pura Vida” lifestyle in Cost Rica

Costa Rica is characterized by a unique landscape, exciting wildlife and beautiful beaches. But above all Costa Rica radiates a very special atmosphere and a particular feeling of life. When you are walking down the street you always here the ”Pura Vida”. According to this motto the locals, which are called ”Ticos” also live there.

Literally the ”Pura Vida” means ”pure life”. But it is used for greetings, goodbyes and any other types of communication. So when you are as a tourist in Costa Rica and you don’t know what to do or what to say- don’t worry! A simple ”Pura Vida” will surely help you.

Background of this life philosophy is especially the thankfulness for life, to be healthy and to enjoy life to the fullest.  The Ticos avoid the focus on the negative and have a simple way of looking at life. They don’t stress themself and take things as they come.

You have to experienced this way of life to understand it. This simplicity and the optimism, which is common here is definitely contagious. So when you want to have a unstressed time with happy moments and friendly encounters- come here and enjoy Costa Rica.


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Where to eat in Tamarindo?

Tamarindo is famous for its perfect location to surf and catch the waves, this small town has a lot of opportunities to do yoga and it is also known for its vibrant night life. But what about eating out in Tamarindo?

You can choose from wide arrange of classical restaurants with different cuisines here, from Italian to Argentinian but there are several local restaurants here too, called sodas. Soda serves typical Costa Rican cuisine, but mostly: a huge variety of ‘comidas’. The plate called ‘comida’ is typical Costa Rican meal, consists rice, beans, vegetables or salad and a meat of your choice.

Sodas are small, open air local restaurants and usually they are cheaper than restaurants and they do not always have an English menu. As for the menu, in general they are shorter and includes fewer dishes than a menu in classical restaurants. Here, in this post we are going to present you 3 sodas with a short review of their menus, and also we provide a little dictionary in case if you are not a Spanish speaker, therefore you can easily get through and find your favourites.

In this post we recommend the best places for you to eat out like a local in Tamarindo!

Wrap Soda

There is a broad range of breakfast here. You can choose typical Costa Rican breakfast but also you can have continental, american and several kinds of breakfast. They have a variety of seafood and fish, soups, wide range of wraps, pastas and burgers! So if you would like to have a burger, do not hesitate to come here and get one! Of course, you can also find the classical Casado in limited variations.

Wrap Soda

El Buen Comer

This place has similar menu than Wrap Soda (actually as I mentioned before, all of the sodas has pretty similar menus). They also have seafoods, pasta, salads, tortillas and Casado with grilled chicken, beef steak, pork fillet, vegeterian and so on. However, you can choose from several variations. You can have fast food too, includes hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos, burritos, quesadillas and french fries. In addition, you can find a huge selection of coctails and liqueurs. If you have no idea where to eat out before go out, choose El Buen Comer!

El Buen Comer

Soda La Marimba

There is a wide range of plates in Soda la Marimba too. This place is not in the center but right next to the center of Tamarindo, next to AutoMercado. It is my personal favourite, though. There is several kinds of food, like chicken, seafood, fish and pork meals in several ways, pastas, Casados and some fast food. I had the best Casado here, with beetroot salad. You have to try that!

Soda La Marimba

Small and useful dictionary for eating out

bebidas – drinks
desayunos – breakfast
sopas – soups
arroces – rices
pollo – chicken
cerdo – pork
carne de res – beef
pescados – fishes
mariscos – seafood
pinto – rice mixed with beans
huevos – eggs
maduro – plantaine
salchichon – sausage
chuleta – pork chop
queso – cheese
tostadas – toasts
natilla – sour cream
lechuga – lettuce
cebolla – onion
tocineta – bacon
maiz – corn
chile dulce – bell pepper
zanahoria – carrot
pepino – cucumber
ajillo – garlic
camaron – shrimp
calamar – squid
pollo en salsa – chicken in sauce
filet de pollo a la plancha – grilled filet chicken
filet de pollo empanizado – breaded filet of chicken
carne mechada – shredded beef
bistek encebollado – steak with onions
chuleta encebollada – pork chop with onions

2 of my favourite Casados

Casado - El Buen Comer
Casado - Soda La Marimba

Where to Find Live Music Every Night of the Week

Tamarindo has an increible live music scene, all you need to know is where to look! Whether you like acoustic, flamanco, salsa, regae, or full ensembles, you’ll find something that you love. Here is 9 bar/restaraunts with killer live music, and which days of the week you’ll find it. 

Pangas Beach Club: Pangas is one of the nicest dinner spots in town, so don’t be afraid to don some fancier attire. Generally on weekneds is when they bring in live music, of a wide variety of genres. 

Dragonfly Bar and Grill: Every Saturday from 7-9pm, Dragonfly plays live music, from vocalasts to full ensembles to special guests musicians. If you’re curious what’s playing tonight, check out their website (hyperlink above). 

El Coconut: Live performances at this sleek, beautifully decorated restaraunt occur every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Think Latin lounge, saxaphone, soul, and vocalists. 

Crazy Monkey: Friday nights, Crazy Monkey is the only place to be. On one side, live salsa and dance music plays, with Latin dancing on an open dance floor. If you’re looking for regaetone, head to the other side for a more club atmosphere and a DJ. Bonus: open bar from 9 to 11 on Fridays!

The Monkey-LaLa: Located in the Hotel Pasatiempo, their restaraunt, covered with a gorgeous thatched roof, is a favorite live music and open-mic spot in Tamarindo. Live music happens at 7:30-9:30 every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The stage is open, so anyone can hop on stage and perform with the musicians. 

El Vaquero: This brewpub, also connected to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp and Volcano Brewing, has live music every Saturday and Sunday night. Outdoor seating and a great view of surfers, bring your whole family for great food and beer.

Vulcano Restaraunt: At this cool restaraunt, you can find great local musicians of every type. Said to have some of the best craft beer in Costa Rica, make sure to grab one as you enjoy some incredible tunes.

Pacifico Bar: Pacifico, the most famous dance club in Tamarindo, has live reggae bands every Thursday, and often live music other nights of the week too. For great dancing and a Carribean vibe, check this one out.

The Roof: For delicious pizza, coctails, and stellar ocean views, check out the ROOF.  With regular live music nights , check out their Facebook page for artists coming up.

Information about restaraunts from Stay in Tamarindo. 

How to Be Green in Tamarindo

If you’re traveling to Costa Rica, you probably already know about Costa Rica’s reputation for sustainability and eco-friendliness. In case you didn’t, Costa Rica was ranked by the World Energy Council as the 2nd most environmentally sustainable country in the world. Coming here is an excellent opportunity to learn more about what it means to Be Green, or use your own sustainable practices. 

Being a tourist makes it a little tricky sometimes to find the greenest practices and reduce your waste. Tamarindo, though, offers tons of EcoTourism, organic foods, and low energy transportation. Here are a few of the best ways to Be Green in Tamarindo. 

Shop Organic: Pimienta Verde is an organic grocery store located in the heart of Tamarindo, that partners with local farms to bring fresh fruits and veggies in every day of the week. They also offer baked goods, as well as gluten free options. Eating organic is important for green tourism, because it ensures reduction of pesticide use, chemical runoff, and crop diversity!

Rent a bike: Exercise, zero carbon emissions, a cheap and intimate way to explore the city–what more can you ask for in transportation! Tamarindo is a small, relatively flat town, so biking is the perfect way to get around. Check out Kelly’s Surf Shop for bike rentals.

Reusable water bottle: It is shocking how many little plastic bottles of water you can go through in a day at the beach, without even thinking as you throw them away. Instead, bring a reusable water bottle, saving money and losts of plastic waste! Pro tip–get an insulated bottle, such as Swell or HydroFlask, to keep your water cool all day on the beach. 

Do you have any other tips on how to be a good Eco Tourist? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Activities to do for a 3-day stay in Tamarindo

Day 1 :

For your first day in Tamarindo you would like to go to the beach and enjoy those beautiful pacific waves. We recommend you to go surfing, you can rent a board at Kelly’s Surf Shop or learn how to surf in just one lesson! Surfing has never been easier! For the evening, head to town and succumb to the culinary delights of Costa Rica.

Day 2 :

There is one experience to absolutely do while in Guanacaste: Visit the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. Experience the Guachipelin Combo Adventure which includes ziplining, river tubing, tarzan swing, horseback riding, hot springs, volcano mud bath, and (the best part) a buffet lunch ! It will be one of the greatest experiences of your stay, and an amazing memory to tell your friends !

Day 3 :

Now you’ve been to the beach and into the jungle. For your last day, how about some diving and snorkeling to experience the ocean ? If you feel courageous you can enroll in diving certification courses, or if you feel a little bit lazy, you can go on a snorkeling trip at the Catalina Islands. A trip you will remember for your whole life !

Tamarindo markets

3 markets in Tamarindo for you to check during your holiday.

Thursday Night market

Weekly organised, the market sells delicious food from French pastries, Italian dishes to vegan pies and homemade cupcakes. You can also buy handmade jewelry. The atmosphere in the market is really cozy and family friendly. On a plus side, this market is located almost next to the hotel. You can visit on the way before going to dinner or after sunset when you are heading back to he hotel from the beach.

Saturday Feria Farmers market

From 8am to 11am weekly, this market has many stalls to sell food and different handicrafts from decorations to jewelry. Great little snacks and fruit and also vegan pastry. The market is the perfect place to find some cute souvenirs and gifts to bring home to your family and friends.

Tamarindo Street Food Fiesta

Organized only once in a month, every first Saturday of the month, this little street food market is full of flavors from around the world. Try the tasty wraps, Italian pastries or the deliciously sweet cake from Argentina. All the prices are affordable, so you can try many delights during the same night. There is chill live music playing to get the relaxing vibes.

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