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Have you always wanted to try surfing? Warm water, soft waves, and no rocks make Tamarindo a great break to learn. We have a beach break with a sand bottom which is ideal for beginners and suitable for all levels all year round. Our lessons last one and a half hours to two hours and include an introductory on-beach instruction where we teach the fundamentals of the sport, as well as safety and etiquette.

Once in the water, we start off in waist to chest high water until you feel more confident. There is never any pressure on the student and our instructors will not push you into something you aren’t ready for. Our instructors are fluent in both english and spanish and are capable of teaching students of all levels.

Visit our sister site, Kelly's Surf Shop

Surf in Tamarindo! Kelly’s Surf Shop, Tamarindo, Costa Rica offers a wide range of services for the beginner or experienced surfer.

Let's Surf

Visit our sister site, Kelly's Surf Shop

Let's Surf

Private lessons

Do you want to make the most of time, why not try a private lesson? This lesson will be catered to you and your needs. The individual attention a private lesson offers will guarantee to have you catching many waves and learn an appreciation for the sport. Intermediate and advanced surfers can benefit from a private lesson to take their surfing abilities to the next level. Discounted lessons for hotel guests.

Price: $80 *special price for hotel guests only

Semi-Private Lessons

Are available for groups of 2. This is your chance to create a private atmosphere for you and a friend. You will both get plenty of one on one attention and is a great option for couples and friends who want to try something new together. We will have you both catching plenty of waves. We recommend both students to be at a similar level to truly benefit from a semi-private lesson. Discounted lessons for hotel guests.

Price: $55 per person *special price for hotel guests only

Group Lessons

Perfect for those travelling alone and want to meet some new people or a group of friends who wants to try something new together.  A group lesson will consist of 3 – 4 students. We can also accommodate groups larger then 4 but will send more instructors as we have a 4:1 student to instructor ratio. We feel that you will benefit the most in small groups. We strive to give each student the individual attention they need and deserve. Discounted lessons for hotel guests.

Price: $40 per person *special price for hotel guests only

Please see our Surf Packages page if you are interested in taking daily surf lessons with us.

If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us so we can further assist you.

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