Tamarindo, a small surf town with a surprising amount of night life and superb dining options. It’s the perfect destination for a fun filled getaway but at times, the options of “what to do” can be overwhelming. Luckily enough, Tamarindo is surrounded by several less populated beaches in case you find yourself in need of a getaway from your getaway.

Playa Grande (Big beach) is a quieter scene ideal for surfing and turtle nest watching. The beach is accessible by a 5-minute boat ride across the estuary or a 30-minute car ride on mostly smooth pavement. At night, the beach becomes protected grounds for leatherbacks seeking to head-up their nesting headquarters. When the sun goes down the general public is prohibited from entering the beach due to conservation efforts outlined by Las Baulas National Park. The turtles are very sensitive to ambient light and sound therefore, you can only experience these majestic creatures if you are accompanied by a professional, licensed guide. We offer guided turtle tours through our surf shop, Kelly’s, so stop by reception or shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to make all the arrangements for you!

The next two “get away from your get away” spots are a little harder to get to but are a lot more secluded than say Tamarindo or Playa Grande. Avellanas is an infamous spot about 20 minutes from Tamarindo. It’s known for its massive waves and strong rip currents. If you’re looking to really shred some monsters this is the place to check out. It’s important to use caution when entering these waters because the rip currents here are relentless. They’ve been known to split a board or two, so If you’re a novice surfer it is best to check out this beach with a professional instructor.

The last spot and the furthest from Tama is Playa Negra (black beach). Playa Negra is about 30-minute drive from the hotel. It’s really not all that far but the poor road conditions make it a lengthy journey. Playa Negra starts off with a sandy brown beach and gets increasingly darker as you walk further south. According to the website, govisitcostarica.com, “the waves here hit fast with a hollow, right-hand barrel. Since the surf rushes over a shallow, rocky bottom, the best time to catch a wave is during high-tide”. If you’re not actually interested in surfing these consistently good waves, you could still stop by in hopes of getting lucky enough to see a few, frequently visiting pros, shred some waves.

*pictured above is Playa Negra

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