Water Sports

Have you always wanted to try surfing? Warm water, soft waves, and no rocks make Tamarindo a great place to learn. We have a beach break with a sand bottom which is ideal for beginners and suitable for all levels all year round. Our lessons last one and a half hours to two hours and include an introductory on-beach instruction where we teach the fundamentals of the sport, as well as safety and etiquette.

Stand up paddleboarding 
Looking for a little more stability on your board? How about stand up paddleboarding also called SUP! This is a really nice sport that uses almost all of your body muscles to move forward while standing on the board. We offer SUP flat water, SUP surf lessons, SUP tours, and you can even combine your experience with snorkeling and even yoga classes on a stand-up paddleboard! 

Do you prefer sitting while paddling? Then we suggest that you rent a Kayak to explore the waters in front of the famous Tamarindo beach. We also offer tours to explore the island or the estuary with a kayak or a kayak tour to the island.

See below for our wide variety of lessons & tours for everyone – from beginners to experts!

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Water sports are a big deal in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. People come from all over the world to  surf here! 

We are your one stop shop to explore all the ocean has to offer! 


• Private Surf Lessons

Do you want to make the most of your time, why not try a private surf lesson? This lesson will be catered to you and your needs to help you grow as a surfer. The individual attention a private lesson offers will guarantee to have you catching a wave in no time and more importantly learn an appreciation for the sport. Intermediate and advanced surfers can also benefit from a private lesson to take their surfing abilities to the next level. – We also offer discounted lessons for hotel guests!
Price: $90  • Book Now

• Semi-Private Surf Lessons

We also offer small group lessons that are available for groups of 2. This is your chance to create a private atmosphere for you and a friend. You will both get plenty of one on one attention and is a great option for couples, friends, and family who want to try something new together. We will have you both catching plenty of waves in no time! We recommend both students to be at a similar level to truly benefit from a semi-private lesson. We also offer discounted lessons for hotel guests!
Price: $65 per person  Book Now

• Group Surf Lessons

This activity is perfect for solo travelers who want to meet new people or a group of friends who want to try something new together.  A group lesson will consist of 3 to 4 students. We can also accommodate groups larger than 4 but will send more instructors as we have a 4:1 student to instructor ratio. We feel that you will benefit the most in small groups. We strive to give each student the individual attention they need and deserve. – We also offer discounted lessons for hotel guests!
Price: $45 per person Book Now 

Are you staying with us? Discounts are offered to guests of Sirena Serena!
Call us or ask at reception for discounted rates.

Surf lessons and camps for any skill level
Surf lessons and camps for any skill level
Surf lessons and camps for any skill level

Stand Up Paddleboard

• Paddle Board Flat Water Tour & Lesson

This SUP lesson is perfect for beginners and people of all ages. Our team of fully trained instructors will have you paddling comfortably within the first ten minutes! Our two-hour course will teach you how to find the sweet spot for balance and comfort, paddling techniques, and basic turning techniques.
Price: $90  private or only $65 per person in small group Book Now

• Paddle Boarding Surf Lesson

Taking a SUP surfing lesson helps you progress quickly and maximizes your fun on the water! Our professional and qualified instructors will help you choose a board that is perfect for you. A lesson will save you hours of frustration.

We teach on epoxy boards (not inflatables) in crystal clear water of a beautiful sandy beach. There are some basic skills that will really help you accelerate your learning. We teach basic safety, how to look for the right weather conditions, self-rescue, 3 different ways to turn and maneuver your board, the correct body posture, paddling techniques, power strokes, and paddling upwind using your paddle for balance (this alone will save you hours of frustration). With the right instruction, you will progress quickly and will come out of your lesson with a completely different perspective on your ability and where to go next with it. Warning – You will be hooked!
Price: $90  private or only $75 per person in small group Book Now

We now offer free board hire or demo from the store after your lesson so that you can put your new skills to the test! 

• Paddle Board Rental

Do you already know how to paddleboard? Of course, we also offer SUP rentals. Select from a variety of boards with different decks, shapes, sizes, and fin setups to fit your skill level.
Price: $20 for two hours or only $40 for a full day of fun Book Now

Stand Up Paddle Flat Water
Stand Up Paddle Surf Lesson
SUP rental


• Kayak & Snorkeling Island Tour

Enjoy the view of Tamarindo while rowing towards Capitan Island. Once you arrive at the island, you will snorkel to enjoy colors of the water and observe the life of the coral reef. This is a great tour to learn and experience the world below the water’s surface. Appreciate the power of the ocean while challenging yourself to new levels throughout this kayak tour.
Price: $45 per person  Book Now

• Kayak Rental

Do you already love kayaking? We also offer kayak rentals that include paddles, a life jacket, and a rash guard. Find your perfect kayak with us!
Price: $20 for two hours Book Now

All-Inclusive Packages

We also offer a wide variety of activity packages that are all-inclusive for groups or individuals. We provide accommodation, airport transfers, breakfast, massage, surfing, kayaking, sup lessons, yoga, rentals, and more! See the full package here.

Price: starting at $ 1,070 per person • Book Now

Kayak Rental
Kayak Rental

We also offer a wide variety of tours for water lovers!

These tours can include tubing, snorkeling, fishing, diving, waterfall hikes, & more!

See all of our tours!

Still don’t see what you are looking for? Please contact us so we can further assist you!