If you are looking to escape all the people and the hassle of the town, there’s some great alternatives to spend a day at the beach in a peaceful atmosphere.

Playa Langosta

A nice beach walking away from Tamarindo, this beach is beautiful spot for relaxing and surfing. After crossing the small river during the low tide you can find a small paradise. Be sure to cross the river before the high tide for not having to stay there the whole day.

Playa Grande

A long beach line with no people around, a paradise! And very easy to reach form Playa Tamarindo: Just take a boat for $1 across the estuary and have an adventurous walk on the beach or bike there. Pack your own snacks with you or walk all the way almost to the end of the beach to find the Taco Star to taste the best tacos.

Playa Danta & Playa Dantita

These two beaches are a little bit more further to reach but definitely worth exploring. Just a 30 minutes drive away you can find a nice spot for relaxing. They are situated right next to each other so you can visit them during the same day.


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