As part of the Marino Las Baulas National Park, Playa Grande in Costa Rica is an important beach not just for surf lovers but for the nature and wildlife. Located along the Tamarindo Bay, Grande plays a key role in leatherback turtles nestings. Though the beach is open to the public, visitors aren’t allowed to go after nightfall in order to protect the turtles and their babies.

With tan colored sand and bright blue waters, it’s a beautiful surfing beach in Guanacaste that locals adore and visitors from all countries seek out. Separated from Playa Tamarindo by the Matapalo River, Grande offers travelers a less crowded beach to catch the perfect wave as it is probably one of the most consistent of all Costa Rica surf spots. Playa Grande is a quality beachbreak, especially on a good south swell.

There are outer reefs which make low-tide not ideal (close-outs mostly), but from mid-tide on, it is A-frame, tube rides, fun, playful lefts and rights! On south swells, often double the size of Tamarindo waves, and worth the 25 minute drive it takes to get there from Tamarindo. 


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