It seems like everyday day is really hot, and every of those day deserves a cold treat. But this is where it becomes tricky, getting a smoothie in Tamarindo is easy, you walk, stop at a corner and then you see it “El Batido del dia” which could surely satisfies you with his refreshness so needed under the heat of the Costa Rican weather. However to satisfy isn’t what we are looking for here. Our main goal is to find the ultimate smoothie, the one who is not only refreshing but also a perfect combination of flavours that will explode into your mouth and make you come back to that place where you had that mouth-gasm. After several days trying several smoothies places, there is one who top them all: It’s small, hidden between clothing shops, an old’ country soung might be playing while fresh fruits are chopped, acai is froozing and cacao nibs are sparkled.  Now you just have to just choose and I warn you, it will be a tuff choice: Joyfull almond buttercup, Wild jungle, Ginger lemonade, Beet’s n berries, Cinnamonkey, Caramba and many more. I don’t want to spoil the surprise by saying the ingredients but behind those name there are the flavours combinations which make these smoothies not only original&healthy but also extra-yummy. Just bravo. 

A special note on the acai bowl, the passionfruit shaved ice and the cranberrie popsicle, exemple of homemade sweet treats that you could  make you hesitate on your final choice, but hey, no worries once you find the place you can come back. 

ps: The place is called The Sno Shack, at the main intersection of Tamarindo, take a left, walk 50 meters, you’re welcome. 

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