Edited: Jun 2021


Catalina Islands

Diving in Costa Rica

There is a completely different world below the water surface in Costa Rica. Have you already experienced it? If not, you definitely should! It’s a magical place that needs to be discovered.

We recommend diving or snorkeling at the Catalina Islands, just a 30 minutes boat ride from Tamarindo. If you are lucky, you already see some jumping rays, or even dolphins while on board of the boat.

Costa Rica Doplhins

What an amazing start to the day, isn’t it?

Once everyone is on board, you’ll get a briefing from the Dive-masters, or a snorkeling guide, about what is important on this Dive-site and what kind of fish you could possibly see during the tour.

After that, you have time to enjoy the stunning view of the usually tranquil ocean in the morning. 

When you reach the Dive-site, you will start getting ready with all the equipment. When your Dive-master says it’s time to jump into the water, you will finally get to enjoy the underwater world with all its fishes.

What can you see here?

– Rays

– Seahorses

– Sharks

– Octopus

– Angelfish

– Turtles

And many more… if you are lucky of course.

It is wild world down there and you never have a guarantee on what you will see, but it’s such a nice experience to dive out there, and usually you will always see some cool fish.

We definitely recommend discovering not just the region of Tamarindo above the water surface, but also below it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you have about this tour. We would be happy to help you book any kinds of tours in Tamarindo or other places in Costa Rica!

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