With beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes, Tamarindo attracts the adventurous and the spiritual alike, some of whom have more in common than they think:

  • Most yoga practices builds core strength necessary to balance on the board as well as the mat. A stronger body and relaxed mind can help both disciplines but for long-time surfers, it can help give an edge.
  • Those who swap their pre-surf stretches for a yoga class will quickly loosen up any stiff spots. Vinyasa flow awakens the lower back, hips and core.
  • Surfing requires using a lot of different muscle groups whilst on the board in order to stay upright and not fall off. Using the whole body to balance whilst on the water will certainly add a fun new challenge to even experienced yogis.
  • It’s a great excuse to take a regular yoga practice out of the studio or home and to the beach, connecting to natural elements prior to a surf session. We love early morning yoga on Tamarindo beach or by our pool before the heat kicks in.
  • Warm the inner body with a demanding session on a board and soak up the prana from the waves prior to a yoga practice. Yogis will be intrigued to notice how the body feels afterwards and any differences in regular movements.

So yogis, pick up that surf board. Surfers, plan some yoga into your pre-surf prep. Speak to the team at the reception before or during your trip to arrange the perfect combination!

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