March was quite a month. I’m sure you’re all as relieved as I am that it is finally over. We’re taking things day by day here in Costa Rica, and we’re coming up with ways to avoid cabin fever during this difficult time.

Here’s my focus for the next month.

My April game plan

With all this down time I finally committed to taking an online class in something I’ve been interested in for years. I came up with a workout plan (but I forgive myself on the days I want to sleep in – like today). And I’m trying to do 20 minutes of Spanish a day.

April calendar


After a session of yoga I feel relaxed, centered, and balanced. But on some days when I’m just not feeling it, the hour of yoga I’ve committed to feels like a drag. Which is why I’ve been loving the app Downdog. It allows you to choose your time, level, and music and is perfect for quick 15 minute sessions during the day.

Down Dog app homepage


I’m trying to move around for at least 10 minutes a day and I usually try to time this with the sunset. There’s something beautiful about walking up to the beach at 6pm and seeing everyone stand along the caution tape 6 feet apart, all of us dedicating this time to appreciate mother nature any way we can.

Beach sunset

What are your goals this April? I’m taking this time to rest, learn more, and focus on myself. But it is a challenging time, and I’m also allowing myself to binge watch Love is Blind and eat straight popcorn for dinner if that feels right.

Pura Vida,