The magical walk through the labyrinth.

Located about a half an hour drive away from Tamarindo, La Senda Labyrinth is a different kind of attraction to experience.

The labyrinth consist of three section paths, which you walk through. The idea behind the meditation labyrinth is to walk through it in silence like meditating in your own pace and open mind and the path leads you to the center where you will find your true essence and full potential. The labyrinth have three different symmetrical paths leading you to the right way, you will never walk the same path again.

The walls of the labyrinth are cactus because it is believed that the cactus has the quality to repel negative energy.

The walk through the labyrinth is very peaceful and relaxing. You hear the sounds of the nature all around you but otherwise there is a total silence. Overall the experience was very relaxing. Best time is to go in the morning, when it is not too hot to walk through the labyrinth.

You can also visit the organic farm in the ranch, where they grow just organic ingredients.

Pura vida!

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