Edited: May 2021


The magical labyrinth of La Senda

What is La Senda?

La Senda is a farm in Tamarindo that focuses on health and sustainability. It is owned by 2 travelers from Belgium who fell in love with Costa Rica. First they founded a luxury Hotel called Cala Luna Luxury Boutique Hotel. Later on they needed a new challenge, that is when La Senda was born.

In La Senda you will find everything from vegetables to wild animals, and magical forests. There is a labyrinth you can walk around in, and you should definitely enjoy a dinner prepared of all the ingredients they harvest from their own garden.

La Senda
La Senda
La Senda

How can you find La Senda?

It is located about a half an hour drive away from Tamarindo, you can either rent a car and drive there yourself or book a tour from Tamarindo. The roads that take you here can be a bit bumpy, as smaller roads in Costa Rica tend to be. So renting an SUV is highly recommended!

What can you see here?

The labyrinth which you walk through consists of three section paths. The idea behind the labyrinth is to walk through it in silence, it is meant to be a meditating experience to wander through the labyrinth at your own pace, with an open mind. And the path will lead you to the center where you will find your true essence and full potential. The labyrinth has three different symmetrical paths leading you to the right way, you will never walk the same path again.

The walls of the labyrinth are built of cactuses, and the reason for this that it is believed that the cactus has the quality to repel negative energy.

Walking through the labyrinth is truly peaceful and relaxing. You will experience total silence when walking around it, the only sounds you will hear are the sounds of nature all around you. Therefore it is called a meditative labyrinth.

The best time to visit is in the morning when it is not too hot to walk through the labyrinth. And what could be a better way to start your day than to wander around a meditative labyrinth surrounded by nature?

Already excited to visit this place? We totally get it, who doesn’t love to be around nature and get to learn more about food and how it grows. But, there’s more you can experience while you’re here:

You can book a horse riding tour and experience the whole property while having a wonderful riding tour with a master horseman who will make sure you have a memorable day! You can also combine horseback riding with one of the country’s most popular activities, Ziplining! In this tour you will for sure get a good adrenalin boost and an magnificent view over the remote areas of the wilderness of Costa Rica.