The healing powers of mud baths and natural hot springs

PURIFYING Costa Rica is a great place to visit natural hot springs and volcanic mud baths. Guachipelin tour features six pools with thermal water. After the first part full of exciting adventures and activities, It’s time to relax in the mud bath and natural hot springs naturally heated by the Rincon de la Vieja volcano.

First, you get to dip in the pool naturally heated to 42 degrees to open the pores of your skin. After that you can take a brush and spread the mud to your skin and wait it to dry. Then you wash it away and enjoy the relaxing feeling in the last warm pool.

The healing powers of mud have been known for thousands of years. There are some reasons why you should try natural hot springs and mud baths:

  1. Relaxes muscles
  2. Detoxify your body
  3. Relieves the pain
  4. Exfoliates and softens your skin
  5. Soothing effect of mud and it’s minerals
  6. Improves ciculation
  7. Balances pH levels of your skin
  8. Reduces inflammation
  9. Reduces stress
  10. It’s overall a relaxing experience

If you don’t have the time or the freedom to travel here and experience natures mud baths, you can also try a at home mud mask like this one: PURIFYING MUD MASK 


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