3 markets in Tamarindo for you to check during your holiday.

Thursday Night market

Weekly organised, the market sells delicious food from French pastries, Italian dishes to vegan pies and homemade cupcakes. You can also buy handmade jewelry. The atmosphere in the market is really cozy and family friendly. On a plus side, this market is located almost next to the hotel. You can visit on the way before going to dinner or after sunset when you are heading back to he hotel from the beach.

Saturday Feria Farmers market

From 8am to 11am weekly, this market has many stalls to sell food and different handicrafts from decorations to jewelry. Great little snacks and fruit and also vegan pastry. The market is the perfect place to find some cute souvenirs and gifts to bring home to your family and friends.

Tamarindo Street Food Fiesta

Organized only once in a month, every first Saturday of the month, this little street food market is full of flavors from around the world. Try the tasty wraps, Italian pastries or the deliciously sweet cake from Argentina. All the prices are affordable, so you can try many delights during the same night. There is chill live music playing to get the relaxing vibes.