Tamarindo evening


Sunsets in Costa Rica are  an experience to live on the Pacific Coast.


If you are in Costa Rica, take yourself outdoors at around 17:30 as the sun sets, turning the sky a beautiful spectrum of purple, orange, red and yellow. Remember every evening the sun sets on the Pacific Ocean in this beautiful country. 

There are many spots around Costa Rica that stand out from the rest. Some of our favorite spots are; “El peñon de Guacalillo” in Puntarenas, Playa Avellanas, in the province of Guanacaste; which is a perfect tropical paradise for those looking for a laid-back style with perfect waves. You can find amazingly beautiful sunsets made up of the most vibrant reds and pinks in Playa Langosta. Lastly, the well-known town of Playa Grande is the perfect spot for those looking for an all-relaxing getaway and great surfing.


If you are in Tamarindo don’t forget that happy hour starts at 5:00 pm everywhere with great discounts on local beers and well dinks. The beauty of this golden hour that the culture stops and stares at the sun setting above the water before heading out for dinner or continuing their life.


Heading out to the sunset bars on a beach cruiser is one of the local experiences everyone must do at least once while in Costa Rica. For more info on bike rentals and tours click here


Sunrises in Costa Rica are breathtaking


At approximately 5:23 am the warm waters of the Manatees see the first light of the day before any mountain is even awake. The Caribbean is well known as, “The Land of the Rising Sun” as its location allows the sun rising from the ocean visible only on this side of the country. 

Another perfect example of a pristine sunrise is at the Arenal Volcano areas. Finally, Don’t miss the great experience of observing the sun rising at 12,530 feet on the “Cerro Chirripó,” a view like no other place in most of Central America.  




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