One of my favorite parts of all this down time is the number of animals I see throughout the day. Somedays I’m lucky enough to see birds, our monkey Jon Jon, and a couple frogs.

But have you ever wondered what bird you’re looking at? I have a book with over 100 birds but honestly, sometimes they all look the same. Here’s your Tamarindo cheat sheet.


Streak-backed Oriole

Steak-backed Oriole bird


Fun fact: Toucans are renowned for their large colorful bills. At 8 inches they have the longest bill of any bird in the world in relation to their body size of 25 inches.


Fun fact: Spoonbills get their pink coloration from the foods they eat. Crustaceans and other aquatic invertebrates

spoonbill bird

This week I’m making a bird feeder, sitting in my backyard with a cup of tea, and watching the mornings pass me by.

Check out this super easy bird feeder! It only uses a plastic water bottle, two sticks, and some string.

You can fill the bird feeder with bird seeds, oats, sunflower seeds, cooked rice or apples.

Special shout out to Howler Mag for it’s bird resources.

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