Edited: June 2021


French Cuisine in Tamarindo

Let’s talk about about Croissants, Chocolates, Meringues & Autres Patisseries.

Utopia Bar here in Tamarindo offers delicious french food, and breakfast with real croissants. Around here, you may cross the road of pastries disguised as croissants, but really they are not.

Tamarindo Croissant

Where to find the best French Pastries

One day we were exploring the Feria of Tamarindo (a local market that starts at 8 am every Saturday), I blanked for a few seconds when I saw a stand full of Eclair au Chocolat, Choux a la Creme, Brioche, and even some Croque-Monsieur!

And they looked just like the ones I usually get to the bakery at the corner of my street. But, an even more impressive thing was, they tasted absolutely delicious.

After a little investigation, I discovered that there are more of these delicious French delicacies at a restaurant in town called Utopia!

This restaurant is located about 200 meters from the Banco Nacional, on the right side of the road. You cannot miss it since it’s orange, big, and two tribal statues keep an eye on the entrance.

And we can promise you, the food is as good as the pastries!

Delicious food

The first course, the main course, deserts, all come along with imagination in the dressing as well in the taste.

Great combinations, pure traditional bakery, and high-quality products make this place a must-visit in Tamarindo!

Last but definitely not least, it’s literally one minute away from our hotel! This is the perfect place to go for dinner or lunch if you are staying at Sirena Serena since it’s so close by.

French pastries in Tamarindo

Pictures are not taken from the restaurant.