Edited: July 2021


Do you want to eat lunch directly on the beach, but not spend a lot of money? So we have three suggestions on where to buy a really nice take away lunch.

Falafel Bar

Just on the way from Sirena Serena Boutique Hotel and Retreat to the beach, you’ll find the Falafel Bar and Mediterranean Cuisine on the right hand side on the main road. They have lots of different plates and also Falafel wraps to take away. Veggie- as well as meat -lovers will be happy after the first bite of their Falafel, Shawarma or any other delicacy from here.


Local food cars

Just follow the main street down to the beach. At the corner, where the main street gets parallel to the beach, you’ll find two cars with ladies, who sell their home-made local food from their trunk. Usually, it’s like a typical Tico Casado, including rice, beans, cabbage salad, fried plaintain or yucca and different kinds of meat to choose from. Do it like the locals and order your lunch here. They also have different Lemonades. If you are not that hungry, share one for two. It’s cheap and sooooo yummie.

Local Food Car

Empanada Beach Boy

Forgot to bring something to the beach but you are a little hungry? Just wait for the Empanada-Guy to pass at the beach. He walks up and down the beach every day and sells yummie-Empanadas for every taste. Choose from vegan, veggie or meat.