In case you’re looking for shopping during your stay with us at Sirena Serena Boutique Hotel and Retreat, there is plenty of it in Tamarindo. We love all the small boutiques – you’ll find everything – nice fashion, cute little bags and accessories, organic cosmetics or food, decoration for your home or jewellery. We’re sure you’ll find something that suits your taste. In this blog we present you some of the shops in Tamarindo.

Buena Nena

Buena Nena is a small women’s fashion boutique and is one of our favourites in Playa Tamarindo. It has a big collection of tops, skirts, dresses, jewellery and accessories. It offers unique designs at fair prices. We’re sure you’ll look stunning in your beach or evening outfit from here.

Buena Nena


Bagus really is an awesome shop. Here you’ll encounter the Pura Vida Lifestyle. They have sooo many nice things which you can take home to remember the Costa Rican beachlife. You could buy some decoration like a dreamcatcher or wooden pineapples or even wooden fishies for your house or apartment, hand-made jewellery or a nice dress with a matching bag.


Arenas Skate & Surf

Everything you need for the beach can be bought in this nice shop. Bodyboards, Lycras, sunglasses, T-Shirts, hats, boardshorts, bikinis, flipflops, bags, towels and so on. Every surfer and also non-surfer will definitely find something for the next day at Tamarindo beach.

Kelly’s Surf Shop

Don’t forget to check out the Boutique at Kelly’s Surf Shop; where you can find anything from rashguards, custom bikinis and surf gear to woman’s sundresses and beach hats.

Kelly's Surf Shop
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