Freshly opened, Tamarindo Coffee Roasters have a bright future in front of its blacks roasted beans. The launch party which took place yesterday on the 16th of June allowed us to discover a designed space bringing balance between authenticity and a cool vintage vibe ( loved the black and white drawings) a great mix where the coffee scent is just as amazing as it taste.

Craig and his team are specialized  in delivering high quality roasted beans sourced directly from sustainable coffee farms in Costa Rica. The coffee farms they currently use are located in the Central Valley, Tarrazu, and in two regions of Guanacaste.

They offers four different varieties of freshly packaged coffee. All coffee is roasted on site and fresh at all times which bring out the aroma and flavors that is locked inside the green coffee beans and explain this not so subtle smell ( but so addictive though) all over the place .

Last but not least, is that is actually possible to have a cupped coffee beverages (brewed fresh!) on site, they have a “menu” on which you can choose the type of coffee you want: Light roast, medium dark roast, dark roast…you pick&enjoy!

We are always happy to see new local business opening,  sharing and supporting great concepts as the Tamarindo Coffee Roasters is what makes us growing as a #local community. Now, I think it’s time for that big cup of delicious coffee I was dreaming about while writing this.


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