Edited: June 2021


Coffee shops in Tamarindo

Do you also love the smell and of course also the taste of freshly brewed coffee? Well then, not like in other parts of Latin America, you don’t have to miss this delicious aroma here in Tamarindo. There are lots of little Cafés in Tamarindo. In this blog, we will be revealing our favorites.

Café Nordico

This modern little café is just down the main road from Sirena Serena Boutique Hotel and Retreat. It offers different hot and cold coffee options as well as freshly made juices and some delicious pastry or healthy lunch options. The staff is also really friendly and you can choose on sitting on a nice balcony or inside and cool down with an aircon. It’s also nice to do some work here if you need to. We also love the fact, that they use stainless steel reusable straws in their cold drinks instead of plastic ones.

Café Tico

This is a cute little café also pretty close to our hotel. It offers delicious coffees either hot or also iced, which makes a nice refreshment on a hot day. We totally recommend you to try the Iced Mokka, it’s so yummie. They also sell local coffee to take home as well as tasty fruit jams and honey. They also offer cakes or lunch options.

Buon Appetito

Not as cute as the other two cafés above, but an authentic Italian experience in Tamarindo. The coffee is super tasty here and it’s also very close to the beach. The perfect spot to grab a coffee for the beach or to just have one quickly before surfing. It’s also the cheapest option.

Coffee in Tamarindo

Tamarindo Coffee Roasters

Have you ever been to the Tamarindo Coffee Roasters? 

They have a beautifully designed space bringing balance between authenticity, and a cool vintage vibe. Here you will find gorgeous black and white drawings and a coffee scent, just as amazing as the coffee tastes.

The team here is specialized in delivering high-quality roasted beans sourced directly from sustainable coffee farms in Costa Rica.

Coffee in Tamarindo

The beans

The coffee farms they currently use are located in the Central Valley, Tarrazu, and in two regions of Guanacaste.

They offer four different varieties of freshly packaged coffee. All coffee is roasted on-site and fresh at all times, which brings out the aroma and flavors that are locked inside the green coffee beans. This explains its not-so-subtle smell all over the place.

The best thing about the Tamarindo Coffee Roasters is that they offer absolutely delicious coffee that is freshly brewed on-site.

What to drink here?

They have a “menu” from which you can choose the type of coffee you want:

  • Light roast
  • Medium-dark roast
  • Dark roast

You just pick your favorite & enjoy!

We are always happy to see a new local business opening, sharing, and supporting great concepts, such as the Tamarindo Coffee Roasters.

This is what makes us grow as a local community.

Now, I think it’s time for that big cup of delicious coffee I was dreaming about while writing this. See you at Tamarindo Coffee Roasters!