Edited: June 2021

Costa Rica’s rainy season

Costa Rica’s rainy season runs from approximately May through November. Much of the rest of the time, winter-fleeing northerners pack beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. You will find big crowds of people in the party town clubs, who are spilling out into the streets. And the tourism industry is in full swing. 

But things slow down during the “wet” months.

Most of the time, you don’t really need reservations anywhere. It’s still smart to arrange one or two hotel nights in advance, but even if your first choice is full, there are plenty of other alternatives.

Costa Rica's rainy season

Why visit Costa Rica during the rainy season?

During the wet season, you will meet more Ticos (as Costa Ricans call themselves).

Sometimes a place you’ll want to eat or drink at is closed. So what? There’s a great place across the road which will most likely still have a spot for you due to the small number of people traveling.

There are people in the bars, but it’s easy to place your order and receive it quickly. 

Another great advantage is the less crowded ocean. You will enjoy surfing the beach break of Playa Tamarindo without bumping into other surfers. 

It’s less expensive – sometimes up to 40 percent cheaper, so you may be able to get the lovely suite way out of the budget you’ll always want! 

Costa Rica's rainy season

It will rain, but you will still usually have hours of no rain and even some sunshine most of the days.

Yield to the vagaries of the rainy season. Embrace it. Be thankful for its cool kiss.

But remember to dress appropriately!

What to bring?

Get some durable sandals, such as Tevas (One of our favorite sandals brands). Hiking boots, keep a Ziploc bag handy for your wallet and phone.

It is usually sunnier earlier in the day so make sure you get a dip in the ocean before the rain.