Beach days around Tamarindo


Playa Tamarindo

Do you also like those days at the beach? But you are not that kind of person who wants to lie in a beach chair all day? Well then, we have some suggestions for you on how to spend an amazing day at our wonderful Tamarindo beach.

What about taking a Surf Lesson or take it a little easier and learn how to stand up paddle (SUP)? Sounds great? It actually is great and we guarantee you lots of fun and happy times exploring our beautiful ocean. Of course, those of you who already are able to surf or stand up paddle can rent boards. And you know what the best thing about that is? If you stay with us at Sirena Serena Boutique Hotel you get a really nice discount on surfboard and SUP rentals at the best surf shop in town.

After these activities, you might lie in your beach chair for a while to relax. We recommend you to buy a Pipa Fria, which is a young, cool coconut. You can always buy it from some local guys who always walk the beach up and down. It is the best refreshment after surfing or stand-up paddling and it is really healthy, too. Afterward, please make sure to throw your straw in a proper bin, as we want our ocean and beaches to be clean.

Of course, the best way to end your perfect beach day at Tamarindo Beach is watching the stunning sunset from a beach bar, enjoying your happy hour drink.


Don’t want to stay on Tamarindo beach?

If you are looking to escape all the people and the hassle of the town, there are some great alternatives to spend a day at the beach in a peaceful atmosphere.

We love our Tamarindo beach, as you can lie down in a nice beach chair under an umbrella, have a drink in one of the nice beach bars or even choose between different ice cream places. But sometimes, we also like it a bit quieter. Here are some recommendations for close by beaches which are accessible by car or taxi.

Playa Langosta

A nice beach walking away from Tamarindo, this beach is a beautiful spot for relaxing and surfing. After crossing the small river during the low tide you can find a small paradise. Be sure to cross the river before the high tide for not to have to stay there the whole day.

Playa Grande

A long beach line with no people around, a paradise! And very easy to reach from Playa Tamarindo: Just take a boat for $1 across the estuary and have an adventurous walk on the beach or bike there. Pack your own snacks with you or walk all the way almost to the end of the beach to find the Taco Star to taste the best tacos.

Playa Danta & Playa Dantita

These two beaches are a little bit more further to reach but definitely worth exploring. Just a 30 minutes drive away you can find a nice spot for relaxing. They are situated right next to each other so you can visit them on the same day!

Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is around a 30-minutes drive from Tamarindo. It’s a beautiful beach with nice soft sand and many nice restaurants. Usually, there are not as many people as in Tamarindo and the water is calmer as in Tamarindo. Perfect for families with little kids.

Playa Penca

This is a beautiful beach and more secluded than the other ones. Most of the time, there are not many people and you can enjoy a relaxing and quiet beach day. However, it is possible to drive there by car on a decent road. Make sure to bring your own snacks and drinks, as there is no restaurant on the beach. We love the different shades of blue at this awesome beach.

Playa Grande

The closest one to Tamarindo. Either you can cross the Estuary in Tamarindo by boat and walk a bit on the beach. However, the next restaurant is quite far away. So if you want to stay in a place at the beach near where you could have lunch, you should drive to Playa Grande by car or taxi. The beach is huge and perfect for some nice walks on the shore or to hit some waves.


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